We’ve received many request from our customers about offering frozen foods made by Shanghai You Garden. Our chef & team is now offering our freshly made food can be stored for a prolong period of time in your freezer. These are great as they’re affordable & absolutely delicious.

小笼包 $35/ (50/袋)
Pork Soup Dumpling $35/bag (50pieces/bag

蟹粉小笼包 $40/ (50/袋)
Soup Dumpling with Crab Meat $40/bag (50pieces/bag

丝瓜小笼包 $24/ (30/袋)
Pork Soup Dumpling with Squash $24/bag (30pieces/bag

鲜虾小笼包 $24/ (30/袋)
Pork Soup Dumpling with Shrimp $24/bag (30pieces/bag

上海荠菜云吞 $25/ (50/袋)
Pork & Vegetable Wonton $25/bag (50pieces/bag

萝卜丝酥饼 $16/ (20/袋)
Turnip Puff $16/bag (20pieces/bag

豆沙酥饼 $16/ (20/袋)
Red Bean Puff $16/bag (20pieces/bag

八宝饭 $5.5/
Sweet Rice Dumpling $5.5 each

春卷 $25.5/ (30/袋)
Shanghai Style Spring Roll $25.5/bag (30pieces/bag

鲜肉月饼 $20/ (10/袋)
Pork Mooncake $20/bag (10pieces/bag

黄桥酥饼 $15/ (10/袋)
Puff Cake $15/bag (10pieces/bag

手工韭菜水饺 $35/ (50/袋)
Handmade Pork Dumpling w. Chive $35/bag (50pieces/bag

虾饺 $40/ (50/袋)
Shrimp Dumpling $40/bag (50pieces/bag

生煎包 $35/ (50/袋)
Pan Fried Pork Bun $35/bag (50pieces/bag

锅贴 $35/ (50/袋)
Pan Fried Pork Dumpling $35/bag (50pieces/bag

糯米烧卖 $40/ (50/袋)
Shanghai Shao Mai $40/bag (50pieces/bag

花素蒸饺 $35/ (50/袋)
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling $35/bag (50pieces/bag

鲜虾豆苗饺 $40/ (50/袋)
Steamed Pea Shoot W. Shrimp Dumpling $40/bag (50pieces/bag

咸蛋黄鲜肉粽 $4.5/
Rice Dumpling w. Pork and Salted Egg $4.5 each

鲜肉粽 $3.5/
Rice Dumpling w. Pork $3.5 each

韭菜盒子 $3.5/
Fried Pocket with Chives & Egg $3.5 each

西洋菜饺 $40/ (50/袋)
Watercress Shrimp Dumpling $40/bag (50pieces/bag